Child Protection

We in Glastry undertake to provide a caring, supportive and safe environment in which our young people can develop to their full potential.


Through our Pastoral Care Programme we seek to protect our pupils by helping them to learn about the risks of possible abuse, helping them to recognise unwelcome behaviour in others and acquire the confidence and skills they need to keep themselves safe.


Glastry College actively seeks the support of parents in all aspects of pupil welfare. All the staff of Glastry College have been subject to appropriate background checks. Each has been given clear guidance on the action which is required where abuse or neglect of a child is suspected.

Safe-guarding - Raising a Concern

Outlined below are the procedures you should follow if you have a concern about your or a child's safety

  Note: The full Child Protection Policy is available on request from the College.


Bullying is a highly distressing and damaging form of abuse and is not tolerated in our college.  All staff are vigilant at all times to the possibility of bullying occurring, and will take immediate steps to stop it happening, to protect and reassure the victim and to discipline the bully.  Parents of both victim and bully will be personally contacted immediately bullying behaviour is identified.  (Refer to College Bullying Policy.)


Further detailed guidance on these issues may be obtained from Department of Education Circular 1999/10 - Pastoral Care in Schools see


If you have any queries concerning the implementation of this policy please contact the Principal or Designated Teacher(s).