CRED - Community Relations, Equality & Diversity

CRED is embedded throughout the school curriculum. Its aim is to contribute to the improvement of community relations by educating our pupils to develop self-respect for others, promote equality and work to eliminate discrimination and by providing formal and non-formal opportunities to build relationships with those of different backgrounds and traditions throughout our community and beyond.

Below are some of the activities our pupils have enjoyed in collaboration with St Columba’s, Portaferry…

Rights Respecting Schools Award

In September 2015 Glastry College will be starting its journey towards gaining the Rights Respecting School Award.  UNICEF began working on this award in 2002 and has designed it for use in schools in the UK to help them adhere to the values and principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC 1989).


So what does this mean for Glastry College?  It means that a Rights Respecting School will put the UNCRC at the heart of its policies, planning, practice and ethos.  This means that parents, staff, children and young people will play an active role in their school becoming  ‘rights respecting.’  So what benefits will this bring to our College?  In those schools which have already achieved the award, observable outcomes have included better pupil relationships and behaviour, more respect for others’ rights, improved attitudes to diversity and the reduction of prejudice, greater participation in decision making and improved learning and academic standards. 


Below are some links for more information about CRED: