History of the College

Glastry College has been delivering education in the Ards Peninsula for over 60 years.  It first opened its doors in 1957 as Glastry School with Mr Pollock as Principal and a small staff including Mr E Beckett, Mr J Brown, Mr W Caughey, Mr J Mawhinney, Mrs Van Lew and Miss McCarthey.  In 1962, five years after opening, the enrolment was 200 students and the college continued to grow over the forthcoming years and with it changed its name to Glastry Intermediate School, Glastry Secondary School, Glastry High School and now is known as Glastry College.  Today we have over 600 students and we offer a wide range of subjects for students aged 11 – 18. 

Our College Badge

Our college badge, which is the Talbot House, is proudly worn on our blazer signifies the community links that Glastry College has in the surrounding area.  Its orgins can be traced back to 1177 when South East Ulster (Ulidia) was invaded by a Norman army led by John de Courcey.  He had a small force made up of 22 knights and 300 foot soldiers who defeated the native King Rury MacDunlevy and De Courcey set up his headquarters at Downpatrick.


Later he rewarded some of his knights by giving them tracts of land in Co Down and South Antrim.  One of these Knights was given “The Parish of St Andrews”.  This Knight was called Talbot or Talbet.  As a small community developed it became known as Talbetona, later as Ballytalbet (The townland of Talbet).  Over the centuries this has changed to Ballyhalbert.


The Talbet family bred hunting dogs that were large brown hounds – called Talbot Hounds. When Glastry College opened in 1957, it was decided that a Talbot Hound should feature on the school badge.  

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