The House System

The College’s House System makes a valuable contribution to the provision of Pastoral Care and the development of the college’s ethos.  Each pupil is assigned to one of the three houses, Montgomery, McCormick and Dunleath when they begin Year 8 and remain in this house throughout their time at the college.  As part of our family ethos, family members are usually in the same house – and this can steam back several generations.  Healthy competition between the Houses occurs across a range of activities - academic, sporting, artistic and musical.  


  • Provide students with a group identity and sense of belonging

  • Promote interaction between students in different year groups to provide opportunities to learn from each other

  • To support the college ethos and provide students with opportunity to achieve,  celebrate success while having fun

  • Encourage students to become involved in extra-curricular activities

  • Provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and qualities

  • Encourage healthy competition and the desire to succeed


The three houses at Glastry College have been named after local families who settled in the area during the Ulster Plantation. Each house tie has a distinctive colour representing their house. Montgomery Red, McCormick – Blue, Dunleath – Yellow