Glastry College House Rugby Results                         Posted June 24, 2016

Junior Section:

This year was very close for the yr 8 teams. Alongside them they also had some newcomers to rugby and the girls team was also divided up amongst the houses.


In third place with 5 points was Dunleath and in joint first place was McCormick and Montgomery, HOWEVER, after working out tries for and against for both teams the winner for 2016 is… Montgomery by 2 tries!


Senior Section:

In the senior section, Yr 9 – 11, the scores are as follows: Dunleath in third place with 3 points, Montgomery in close 2nd with 8 points and McCormick win with 10 points, therefore retaining their title for another year!


Well done to all involved and there will be folks coming round with certificates and medals! Thanks go to all who came to rugby next year. Fixture list for next year will be available from me on Monday morning with Home games in October against Bangor academy and Strangford. Have a great holiday!

Glastry Pupils attend Tottenham Hotspur Roadshow   Posted June 15, 2016

On the 13th of June Chloe and I were invited to participate in the Tottenham Hotspur 2016 road show which was made possible by Inspire Sport to be held at Campbell College. We left school at 11 a.m. feeling very excited for the day ahead. As we arrived we noticed the size of the school and our breath was taken away by the scale of their facilities. We made our way down to the football pitches where we signed in and got changed. After we patiently waited for the arrival of the late comers we set off to the 3G pitches. We were introduced to Tottenham’s Global coaching team who travel round the world giving children the opportunity to show their talent and skills and teach them new tricks

and tips. First of all we started with a warm-up which included dribbling, step overs, rolettes, Maradona turn, the Cruyff turn, pull backs and keeping the ball up with our feet, knees, chest and head. Next we did shooting and defending drills which were very intense and exhausting. The following drill included one on ones and trying to defeat the defender with pace and dribbling skills. The final activity that we took part in was matches with a twist. There were five teams and after one team has scored the team that is off comes into the game. As you can imagine it was difficult to grasp at the start but we soon picked it up quickly enough. Overall an enjoyable, fun-filled and educational trip out of school. And thank you to Mr Ferguson for taking us.Chloe McVera / Elliott McKee

Environment Club BIG Spring Clean                           Posted June 08, 2016

On Tuesday 8th June, the Environment Club from Glastry College participated in a beach clean at Ballyhalbert Beach organised by the Ballyhalbert Community Association in conjunction in Keeping Northern Ireland Beautiful. It was a great success and the beach is a much cleaner place as a result. There was a real sense of community spirit and everyone enjoyed working together to improve our local area. Pupils from Victoria Primary School planted some flowers which look great.

Glastry Pupil competes in Ulster Finals                       Posted May 27, 2016

On Saturday 20th May 2016 I went to compete in the Ulster Schools Athletics Championships at the Antrim Forum. I was the only pupil from our school so it was a big thing for me and I was a bit nervous because I wanted to do well.

We got there early so I could warm up properly  and set up my blocks. I checked in and I was in the second heat. This gave me a bit extra time to stretch. Eventually it was my turn and I was very excited. The marksman said "On your marks" (that basically means crouch down into your starting position) then he said "Set" which meant you straighten your back leg and 

keep the front one a wee bit bent and then the gun went off and that meant "GO!" - that's when you explode out of your blocks as fast as you can. I ran it in 13.95, but I can run it faster! I had a late night the night before and I know it isn't good preparation but I was  at the RDS in Dublin playing rugby during half time at the Ulster v Leinster game.  I couldn't give up that opportunity, so I had very little rest the night before. However I did end up winning the race and qualifying for the finals.


I had a good four hours to spare before the finals so I went to the car and attempted to sleep but I just couldn't! Time passed very slowly but eventually the final approached. I was nervous and feeling intimidated by some of the other girls, but in the end I had nothing to worry about. My race was very close and I came 2nd out of 8, so I am the 2nd fastest girl in the whole of Ulster! I was really tired when my race took place but I think I did pretty well despite this! I was happy to stand on the podium for the medal presentation and get my silver medal.                Megan Drummond-8G

Mourne Districts and Ulster Schools’ Athletics Championships              Posted May 27, 2016

On Thursday 12th May 2016, a group of Glastry pupils attended the District Athletics Championship to compete in various track and field events. The 800m heats had been run the previous week due to high numbers of competitors. Both Kenzie McMaster and I were entered in the 100m and had qualified for the 800m final on the day. I was really nervous to start because we were the only two from our school competing in the 100m. I did know some of the other girls that were racing, two of them were my friends and I run with them at my running club (North Down Athletics).


While we warmed up, our numbers got called out and we were told what heat we were racing in and what lane we were in. We had the choice to use starting blocks and I chose to use them because I have practised with them while in training. Kenzie was in the first heat, and while I was warming up, Kenzie was running, so I cheered her on. She came 4th out of 8 in her heat. Next it was my turn.


Shortly afterwards the marksman (starter) said "On your marks", "Set", "GO!" In a matter of seconds the race is over and you have to run your best in an attempt to qualify for the Ulster Schools. I ran the fastest out of all the heats at the Districts which meant I qualified for the District final. Only the top 3 in the final qualified for the Ulster Schools.


Not that long after it was the 100m final and I wasn't that nervous.  Quickly the race started and I was in the fourth lane. I set off very quickly but then, just in the last stretch, someone took me over,  and I finished the race 2nd. I was very proud and excited to be going to the Ulster Championships and for getting my silver medal. I went back to school and told everyone how I did and they were all very pleased. We had some other good results that day. Kenzie McMaster finished 10th in the 800m and Bryony Moore just missed out on qualifying in the shot putt by finishing 4th!

District Athletics Results

Mini Girls

  • Kenzie  McMaster                100m      14th 14.88                                                              800m      10th Final

  • Megan Drummond               100m       2nd  13.85 Qualified                                              800m      injured

  • Grace Wallace                      Shot       10th 6.05m

  • Alice Magill                           Shot        20th 5.57m


Minor Boys

  • Curtis Houston                      100m      28th                       


Minor Girls

  • Casey McCann                     100m      30th

  • Bryony Moore                        Shot       4th 7.78m

  • Eve Dickson                          800m


Junior Girls

  • Chloe McAvera                    100m      22nd 15. 43                                                            200m 19th  32.90


Junior Boys

  • Josh Anderson                      800m

Mournes, Mountains & Mauds - Year 14 Geography Fieldtrip              Posted May 20, 2016

Recently the A2 Geography class embarked upon a gentle dander into the Mountains of Mourne to investigate the impacts and management of tourism in this stunning area of outstanding natural beauty. The A2 course requires students to conduct a simple geographical investigation into a local or global issue on which they are then directly questioned in the A2 exam paper. Aside from measuring footpath erosion, counting litter, conducting questionnaires and environmental impact assessments, pupils were taken on some unnecessary diversions across upper course river landforms, excursions into the edge of Tollymore forest in search of the Gruffalo and of course the real reason for the fieldtrip, a wee ice-cream in Mauds!

House Rugby Competitions                                       Posted May 20, 2016

Well it’s that time of the year again, where fifteen become seven, where friends become, well, unfriendly, and the air turns blue, red and yellow as the Glastry House 7’s competition gets underway!

Last year’s winners in both Junior and Senior sections, McCormick, will be strong favourites again this year to retain their 7’s crown. However, looking at the teams this year and the addition of girls to the Junior squads, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a much tighter affair with tries galore and a few teams just sneaking over the line to pinch late wins! 


After 2 games in each section here’s how things look at 20 May:

Senior Section

McCormick took the first game against Montgomery in the Senior section by 4 tries to 3, sneaking one over with the last play of the game! Told you so! In the second Senior game Montgomery were clearly unhappy and put poor Dunleath to the sword with 14 tries to 2 – a clear victory! It looks like Montgomery clicked in this second game and that Dunleath need more players to keep them competitive, so if you are reading this and you are in Dunleath, yes that’s yellow ties, and you are in Years 9, 10 and indeed 11, and you fancy lending your support and skills to Dunleath’s cause, then please come and see Mr Drury, and quickly, as Dunleath take on McCormick on Wednesday 25th at 4pm! All supporters are also welcome! So Montgomery are in the lead on 4 points, McCormick are in second with 3 points and Dunleath are yet to get off the mark.


Junior Section

In the first game McCormick and Montgomery went at it hammer and tong!! Half time scores were tied at 6-6! The scores at the end of the game were McCormick 14, Montgomery 13. However…….. McCormick had failed to get enough of their players out to play and had to borrow from Dunleath. This has cost them their bonus point that they gained from scoring over 5 tries. In the second game Montgomery and Dunleath played out a 13 all draw! Montgomery have 3points, McCormick have 3 points and Dunleath have 2 points.


Next game is on Wednesday 25th and it’s the same as the Seniors  (ie Dunleath v McCormick) as Round 1 draws to an end. We will soon see how things are at the half way stage!

Year 10 History Trip - Somme Heritage Centre             Posted May 19, 2016
IMG_4457 (Small)
IMG_4457 (Small)

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On Thursday 18 February Year Ten had a day out to the Somme Heritage Centre and Stormont. The buses were a buzz of music and voices as we left the turning circle.


The year group was split into two groups, 10GC went to the Somme Heritage Centre, while 10VRB travelled to Parliament Buildings, Stormont, with the two groups swapping venues later in the day. At the Somme Heritage Centre we learned about the weapons used in the World War One, and life in and out of the trenches. At Stormont, we learned about the histry of the buildings and how the Northern Ireland Parliament works. Both venues were very informative and interesting, with the girls particularly impressed with the size of the toilets at Stormont!


Overall we all had a great day and we enjoyed the day out of school learning about our past. Thanks to the History Department for organising the trip.

Glastry Year 12 Pupil excels at British Gymnastics Championships
Posted May 08, 2016

Jack Carnduff, in Year 11, recently competed at the British Schools Tumbling Finals on Saturday in Stoke on Trent representing Glastry College. He competed in the under 19 age group and finished in 2nd place.  This  was a great achievement as most of his competitors were much older than him. We look forward to hearing about further achievements in the near future.

Year 8 Beach Clean - Shared Education                      Posted May 01, 2016
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On Thursday 21st April, as part of the Shared Education programme, Year 8 pupils from Glastry College, St Columba’s and Strangford College participated in a beach clean at Portavogie beach. This was run in conjunction with the organisation ‘Keeping Northern Ireland Beautiful.’ It was a great success with certificates and prizes awarded to the team who collected the most rubbish and for the weirdest finds. We collected 144 kgs of rubbish in one hour!! All the pupils really enjoyed working together on such a worthwhile venture!


For more images of the day click here to go to the gallery page.

World Book Day Celebrations                                    Posted April 20, 2016

Book fever hit Glastry College on 3rd March as the College celebrated World Book Day. Although all year groups took part in special literacy based activities in their subjects throughout the week, on the big day it- self, the main celebrations were with Year 8. Staff and Year 8 pupils all attended school dressed as a book character, or in some cases, dressed as the book itself!! Pupils enjoyed time in the assembly hall with the Eng- lish Department where they participated in a variety of games, competi- tions and quizzes.


Pupils voted for the best staff costume and this year the award went to Mrs Colville who dressed as Aslan from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Our Year 8 costume winners were Lucy Rogers, Lauren McMaster, Lewis Coulter, Donna Gray, Joel McKee and Euan McCready.


A great day was had by both staff and pupils alike. Remember folks, it’s your literacy, your life!

U12 Rugby Cup Qualifier                                          Posted April 12, 2016

After a competitive previous day with the U14’s at Ards RFC, it was now the turn of our Year 8s. I have to confess that I was very excited by the prospect of seeing what this team could really do, having been treated to a mouth-watering training session the day before. I had got myself prepared for something special. The digital camera was charged overnight and ready to capture the majestic spectacle that awaited.


Glastry was the host for the Cup qualifier. The weather from the previous day had dissipated; Bara Best promised me nothing but dry weather, sunny skies and pretty much perfect conditions for running rugby. Joining us were Strangford, as always, Bangor Academy and St Columbanus from Bangor. This was also an historic day for Glastry as we fielded a team that included four of our Year 8 girls in a competitive full contact match. This can happen under Mini Rugby rules, where boys and girls can play together up until Year 8.  If your instant reaction is to laugh or jeer at the fact that our team has girls in it, then you clearly don’t understand the ability and quality that the girls have. They have been to every training session throughout the year and are all members of Donaghadee Rugby Club. You are very welcome to come and see them in action after school every Wednesday. Indeed if you are a male or female pupil reading this, I would like to personally invite you to come along and have a go at rugby after school!


As the first game drew near, warm ups and stretches done, it was time to announce the team to open up our Cup quest for glory. Three of the girls were to start. Grace Wallace was playing in the forwards and Megan Drummond and Holly’ the silent assassin’ Johnston were in the backline with an opportunity to run every ball. Ulster Rugby’s Ladies Development Coach, Joy Sparkes, was on hand to referee the first game. The whistle went, the game was underway and we immediately got stuck in!


There were big stonking runs from Josh Oates as he ploughed through tackles, Benjamin Bailie picked and drove on making meters and leaving despairing tacklers in his wake. Lewis Gordon made several rampaging runs. Grace looked to make ground and offload successfully to the backline, releasing the speedsters like Robbie Thompson, Nathan Schutzler and Charlie Redmond who punched holes in the Strangford defence with their direct attacking running. Strangford came back at us with several big runners, where do they get them? These huge Redwoods were cut down to size with tackle after tackle by Holly Johnston. She was like a heat seeking missile, once locked on to her target, there was no escape! Holly took them down time after time. Like Gandalf the Grey, she would not let them pass!! Strangford realised the girls were not there to make up the numbers. They were good, seriously good! Strangford ran in two tries through their big men. Glastry woke up, and before half time Megan got the team back in the game! The ball is there at the ruck in our half, she crouches and looks down the blind side. There is clear grass ahead. She strikes! She quickly picked up the ball and she’s off like a greyhound outstripping the Strangford defence for pace - eating up the pitch and scoring a beautiful solo effort! Half –time and we’ve our tails up. We can sense the change.


Second half is more of the same, a wall in defence with Schutzler, Drummond, Johnston and Redmond providing to be an impenetrable line, and with Oates, Wallace, Bailie, Casson and Gordon doing the leg work and hard rucking. Following excellent distribution from Robbie Thompson the ball goes down the back line and Nathan puts Megan in for her second! Two each, game on! The tide of Glastry attack is relentless now. Every time we get the ball we go forward at pace, Strangford look in disarray! Lewis Gordon breaks free to score, Charlie Redmond cuts inside and helps himself to a try and Megan is at it again! That’s three from her already today! I shout over to the Ladies Coach, ‘I’ll get you their names!’ and I mean it, these girls have massive potential!


I’m joined on the sidelines by Mr Hutchinson, lending his vocal support to the Glastry cause spurring on the team with his jaw on the floor as he watches us dismantle a large Strangford team, and praise resounds forth for the quality of rugby and the fearless nature that the girls are displaying!

Strangford finally breach the line and get themselves a conciliation try in the last minute, but even then, Kylan isn’t done. He takes the ball, picks a great line past a player, puts his foot on the gas and backs himself to beat the covering defender, which he does, and scores! Final whistle signals a truly remarkable victory! Glastry wins 6 tries to 3! I’ve just realised that in my excitement my camera is still slung around my shoulder and I’ve missed recording a truly remarkable game! It will live on in my memory! Amazing! Mr Hutchinson gets the squad together and tells them how proud he is of them. The team is buzzing going into the second game. I believe we have a chance to qualify. We just have to win this next game and we have a great chance.


Next up is St Columbanus. Robbie takes a rest and Megan goes to scrum half with Nial McCaughey coming in to the back line. We start the game quickly, again taking it to St Columbanus through the forwards, with  line outs and scrums functioning well, and with good rucking and running. We score early and we’re one up! What happened after the restart is a coach’s worst nightmare. The ball comes down the line to Charlie, who cuts his way through the opposition defence like a hot knife through butter, then offloads a  great pass to Megan, who yet again jinks and dances her way around would be tacklers. She’s in the clear heading for the line when… No! She gets fairly tackled around the legs and waist by the biggest player on their team. She hits the ground hard and immediately puts her hands to her head. St Columbanus recover the ball from the tackle and head to score. The whistle goes. It’s not her ankle or leg as I feared, it’s her neck that’s sore. This is not good! The paramedics and an ambulance arrived to check her neck, but fortunately everything was ok. While waiting for the paramedic to treat Megan Grace danders up complaining of a sore arm. The paramedic takes a look and recalls the ambulance . After a check-up and X ray at Ards Hospital, Grace is given the all clear. The rest of the game was abandoned.     We never did get to finish our games against St Columbanus or Bangor Academy and I’m sorry for the rest of the squad that didn’t get playing, but, in a game like rugby, player safety is our priority and our primary concern.


I have to say that I was so proud of everyone of you on the squad. You were all amazing! Player of the day is a really tough one. All of you could have won it, so let’s do ‘Players of the Day’  -  the boys’ winners are Ben Bailie and Lewis Gordon and the joint winners for the girls are Megan Drummond, for her four tries, and Holly Johnston for her massive tackling display! Surely Ulster Ladies players of the future!


“ Stand up for the Glastry men / women!!”

U14 Rugby Blitz at Ards Rugby Club                           Posted April 12, 2016

After the great disappointment of the U14’s Cup Qualifiers being postponed time and again, The U14s Blitz Day brought relief of a long overdue competitive day of rugby fixtures against some of the ‘local schools’. I say local, but there were schools as far away as Campbell College and Knock High School in attendance. With the added names of Regent House, Strangford College and of course Glastry College, there were a few mouth-watering ties in the offing. I was particularly looking forward to seeing Glastry take on the Belmont Road All Blacks ( Campbell College ), whom I had represented in my days as a pupil. If I wasn’t mistaken, they were under the tutelage of my former History teacher and U13s coach, Mr Farr! They were. A chance to get one over on my old stomping ground?! Maybe? The weather was not kind as the day progressed. The clouds poured over Scrabo Tower bringing downpours of rain and gusts of icy wind that chilled the very soul of everyone who played. Conditions underfoot were poor and the pitches were cutting up before a ball was even kicked.


We had taken a squad missing many of its players through illness and injury. So the squad was bolstered with several U13s ( Year 9) in key positions. Harry McCarroll returned to Flanker ( No. 7) after his rest period due to a concussion received in a previous match, and the mountain that is James McDowell returned to Number 8. Oliver Spence and David Patton made up the second row, whilst reliable Scott Lowry was on Hooking duties.


As per usual Glastry’s first game was against our local neighbours, Strangford College. The pitch was reduced in length, due to flooding at one end, and surprisingly there had been some alterations to the rules at kick off. We started with a pass off, scrums were uncontested, and, unfortunately for us, and there were no conversions. I ask myself why this happens -  what is the point in coaching the pupils using the normal rules and structures, then having this all undone for some unknown and inexplicable reason? Rant over!


Again Glastry played the better structured rugby. There were good set pieces like scrums and line outs, launching wave after wave of attacks through the hard running of the backs. It truly is a shame that scrums were uncontested,  for I believe that with the sheer might of our pack we would have won a greater percentage of ball and turned it into more points. Lineouts were secured well with good throws from Scott Lowry to James ‘the Mountain’ McDowell. The forwards took the ball on well, picking and going through Humza, Isaac and  Joe Ellesmere. Rucking was solid with Kayne, James and Harry always prepared to work hard for the team in their pods and attacking the opposition. Oliver, just back from illness and still not fully recovered, didn’t last very long, so on came Cameron Barclay into the second row. David Patton and Cameron worked tirelessly securing ball after ball and getting the pack going in the right direction.


Glastry scored first through the forwards, powering over in the testing and energy sapping conditions. We looked hungry and there was an intensity to our play. Back came Strangford, surviving on scraps of ball served up through a poorly cleared out ruck. They passed it to their ‘fast lad’, yes the same guy from the previous reports!, who went the long way around to score in the corner. After restarting the game with another pass off, Strangford scored again, and yes, the fast lad struck again. I counted four occasions when Matt Lyttle was run at by the opposition. It was like a game of Chicken, who would flinch first before a tackle had to go in. The answer, neither player! Matt stood up to their direct running, putting in crunching tackle after crunching tackle. At one point realising he had received a bloody nose, he looked over like Stallone in Rocky, wiped it on his sleeve and said, ‘I’m fine!’


With the clock ticking Glastry pushed again for an equaliser. They were not to be outdone! After several phases through forwards and backs, we crossed the ‘makeshift’ try line, but to my surprise the referee played on, so the forwards took it on again. During this next phase a penalty was given and the whistle blew. The result was a well-deserved draw, even if the ref. forgot where the makeshift try line was!


Knock were up next. I can sum this game up by telling you we were over the try line on four occasions, only to be held up , according to the referee! We had the chance to make it five but butchered the pick up at the back of the scrum. Again we dominated this game, only to be outdone by a 6ft speed machine with more facial hair than me! We lost by one try, gutted is an understatement! It is by these fine margins that games like this are decided. Again there were solid performances from all of the boys including the subs like Scott McWilliams, Matthew Heron and Isaac Kelly.



Time called on the rest of the day, sensibly I think, but I can’t help feeling that pang of disappointment for our great school not to have had another go at one of the institutions of schools rugby - Campbell College.  In the recent past Glastry teams have played and beaten Campbell College, Regent House and Sullivan Upper. If we continue to work hard, make practices and gain match practice, I have no doubt that Glastry will rise again to challenge these established Giants of Rugby.


Player of the Blitz day for sheer guts, tackling and a willingness to never quit… Matt Lyttle. Well deserved, Sir! The Six Nations and Schools Cup have all been on recently , so get watching! One day it could be Glastry! “ Stand up for the Glastry Men !”

Year 11 P.A.L. Stormont Trip                                    Posted March 21, 2016

On Tuesday the 12th of January 2016, we went on an educational tour to the Northern Ireland Assembly in Parliament Buildings, Stormont. The trip was for the Year 11 PAL pupils. We are currently studying Unit 2 Democracy and Democratic Participation.


We learnt about the history of democracy in Northern Ireland, the role of the Northern Ireland assembly and even participated in a mock election. We meet a few MLA’s who took time out of their busy schedule to talk to us and get their photo taken with us. We had our photo taken with Arlene Foster, making us the first school to get a photo with her, on her first day as First Minister! Edwin Poots also stopped to talk to us. We then had Mike Nesbitt come into the education service classroom and talk to us about the future of education.


At the end of the day we went into the chambers and observed a live debate! It was a great day out.           Katie Brashier    Year 11

Year 08 Annual History Workshop                          Posted March 17, 2016

On 4th March 2016 the annual History Workshop arrived at Glastry college with a vast array of weaponry and costumes from both the 16th century and Medieval times.  The Year Eight pupils along with Primary 7 pupils from Portavogie Primary School enjoyed the historical re-enactments of the Norman Conquest of England and participated with great enthusiasm.  As usual pupils enjoyed getting into character, trying out the weapons and dressing up in the chainmail! 



Year Nine enjoyed a splendid presentation on the Ulster Plantation and the Spanish Armada, and again participated with great delight in the various activities, giving the actors from Armagh city a run for their money!

Year 13 Geography AS Level Residential                   Posted March 16, 2016
Year 13 Geography AS Level Residential                   Posted March 16, 2016

In February the Year 13 Geography AS class went on a three day residential trip to Magilligan, Co. Londonderry. Their aims were to study Sand Dune Succession at Benone beach and then urban characteristics in Coleraine. Their geographical skills were enhanced through conducting questionnaires with members of the public, mapping the land-use of Coleraine’s CBD, measuring abiotic conditions, species diversity, soil pH, soil moisture, soil organic content and dune profiles in the Umbra Nature Reserve. However  it wasn’t all work as pupils also found  time to visit McDonalds a few too many times, play

in the amusements at the Jet Centre, watch a movie at the cinema, race up and jump off the sand dunes, eat too many sweets and crown Mrs Martin the undisputed table tennis champion of the fieldtrip. Oh yes and they found some time to sleep as well!

North Down Cross Country Championship               Posted January 20, 2016

On Monday 11th January 2016 I competed in the North Down Cross Country Championships at Valentines playing fields in Bangor. This was my first cross country race and I was quite nervous, but I was looking forward to it also. My race was first so I didn’t have much time to let my nerves take over.


It was very cold, muddy and wet. By the end of the day the grass was just a big, muddy swamp.  We were all lined up, ready to race and then we were off! I remember the first thing we ran into was a freezing brown puddle so my feet were like ice for the rest of the race.  I ran for about two minutes and then a steep hill came and nearly killed me. It felt like walking it but I managed to run.  


Coming up to the end of the race there was a slippery corner and by this point there were just two girls in front of me. When I saw the finish line it felt as if I had suddenly got a big energy boost and I managed to take over the two girls and I won the race! Afterwards my legs turned to jelly and I was really out of breath but once that all went away I knew it was worth every little struggle!

by Kenzie McMaster


Full results from the day:

Intermediate Boys - Jay Thompson 17th

Junior Boys - Josh Anderson 8th, Dylan Neill non finisher.

Minor Boys - Sam Pilcher 14th

Mini Boys - Niall MCCaughey 11th

Junior Girls - Chloe McAvera 11th

Minor Girls-  Kay Herron finisher

Mini Girls - Megan Drummond 6th ,Kenzie McMaster 1st


Congratulations to all our pupils on some super results! And a special mention and well done to our champion, Kenzie!


For more pictures please click here.

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