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Personal Development




Learning for Life and work helps promote skills in decision-making, assertiveness, resilience, communication, working with others, developing positive relationships, coping with challenges,  and conflict resolution. Many employers seek employees with such skills and qualities. 

Learning for Life & Work


The Northern Ireland Curriculum aims to ‘empower young people to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.  Learning for Life and Work contributes directly to this by helping young people develop as individuals and as contributors to society, the economy and the environment.




LLW is comprised of three contributing strands: Local and Global Citizenship; Personal Development and Education for Employability. These are delivered separately, each strand allocated one hour each fortnight.


At KS3 it is an engaging and relevant curriculum for young people that:


  • Helps them develop as individuals and members of society;

  • Delivers the skills and capabilities needed for adult life and work;

  • Helps them cope with the changing global economy; and

  • Helps them learn how to make informed choices.




As a GCSE subject option, we offer the Preparation for Adult Life (Level 2) qualification, which allows pupils to gain a ‘B’ grade at GCSE.


Through the Preparation for Adult Life qualification, pupils can develop skills while exploring a wide range of areas relevant to them both now and in the future: from cultural diversity and social justice to preparing interviews and improving overall health and well-being.


  • The qualification aims to develop personal skills such as self-awareness, personal health and relationships, as well as an understanding of:

  • diversity and inclusion;

  • human rights and social responsibility;

  • equality and justice;

  • roles and responsibilities of parents;

  • work in the local and global economy;

  • social, economic and cultural issues; and

  • personal development.