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There are very few jobs for which a grade C or above in GCSE Mathematics is not one of the criteria for application. It is also an essential qualification for entry to many courses in third level education. We try to instill this into each of our students to encourage them to do their best throughout their time at the College.



“Our world rests on mathematical foundations, and mathematics is unavoidably embedded in our global culture.” Ian Stewart


The world we live in is the way it is because of Mathematics. Whether we get our fun from our smartphone, an X-Box or tablet device, it is ultimately the Mathematics behind the micro-technology that we have to thank for our 21st century toys. Our aim in the Mathematics Department is to pass on to our pupils the power and beauty of Mathematics as it appears in their world. We aim to give much more than a functional ability to deal with numbers. Pupils learn to think critically and analytically in their problem solving and gain the ability to apply their Mathematical skills in unfamiliar contexts. Our hope is that pupils will find their Mathematics enjoyable as they progress through school at Key Stage 3 & 4.




Pupils in Year 8 & 9 follow the NI revised curriculum. For the year beginning 2014-15 we are introducing new resources to benfit our pupils including a new Textbook which will be available to all students 24/7 digitally in an online format. Pupils are timetabled for 3 periods of Mathematics per week in College and throughout the year they work through a syllabus of Number, Algebra, Shape,Space and Measure as well as Data handling. Pupils are assessed in the Cross Curricular skill of Using Mathematics.




Pupils at Glastry College can progress through GCSE level at various levels. Pupils take the GCSE in Mathematics either with CCEA or AQA depeding on which "pathway" they have chosen. Students sitting CCEA will either be entered for the HIgher Tier papers which lead to grades up to A and A* or the Foundation level papers which leads to a maximum grade of a C (it is also possible for some students to sit a combination of Higher/Foundation papers which gives access to a B grade). All students sitting the AQA papers are entered at Foundation Level which has a maximum grade of C.


Students begin their programme of study towards GCSE in Year 10 which gives plenty of time for the teachers in the department to assess which pathway is best suited to each individual pupil so as to give each one the best opportunity possible.




A-level Mathematics is not currently offered in Glastry College but pupils seeking to study this course can do so as part of our collaboration with our partner NDALC schools.