Motor Vehicle Studies


Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies develops a wealth of relevant knowledge and practical skills, including a greater awareness of the motor vehicle itself and its systems.  It deals with the various costs involved in running a car and raises broader issues of traffic management and pollution. It also demonstrates how best to avoid accidents and, if one does occur, how to deal with situations as they arise.


In addition to motor vehicle theory, students will learn how to ride a moped within the safe environment of the school grounds.  It is geared towards teaching young students the importance of road safety.  The goal is to achieve more informed, enthusiastic and safe road users, who are able to combine their enjoyment of driving upon passing their official driving test at a later stage with a healthy respect for the road.



Activities Covered:


  • knowledge and understanding of the motor vehicle;

  • an understanding of the legal liabilities of being a road user;

  • knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities of vehicle ownership;

  • a positive and understanding attitude to the use of the road and to other road users;

  • an awareness of the interaction between the road user, the environment and the vehicle;

  • a respect for the safety of road users;

  • the knowledge and skills needed to use a powered vehicle;

  • an understanding of the mathematical, scientific and technological principles of motor vehicles;

  • knowledge and understanding of routine vehicle maintenance; and

  • knowledge and understanding of how to act decisively and positively at the scene of an accident.




Students will complete an investigative study which is based one of four tasks set by the examining board.  They will carry out primary data collection on moving traffic.  Students can work in groups outside the classroom to collect data but must work individually, under the teacher’s direct supervision, to write up their investigation in class. 


In addition to the investigative study students will be taught a section of related theory with regard to the activities covered in the bulleted points above.  This part of the course will be assessed through a written exam taking place at the end of year 11. 


Students will have an opportunity to develop the early foundations of the practical moped riding activity, demonstrating the skills of vehicle control and road craft.  The practical activity takes place in the school environment under controlled conditions.  The teacher supervises each student individually.





Mr A Gray


Mr A Faloon











  •  Career with Association of British Insurers

  • A career involving road safety,

  • Teaching others in road and vehicle use

  • Transport industry that requires you to drive to various locations

  • Car Mechanic