Students in Years Eight to Ten study Music for one hour per week, with the subject a GCSE option in Years Eleven and Twelve.




Students in Key Stage Three develop their skills in Composing, Listening and Performing and are encouraged to work to the best of their ability. As students move towards selecting subjects for GCSE, the emphasis moves increasingly from group/class achievement to individual attainment. IN Years Eight to Ten students study the following modules:



















The department follows the CCEA specification for GCSE Music. Students refine their skills in Composing, Performing and Listening.  Each student writes two compositions under controlled assessment conditions, undertakes an individual and solo performance and studies a variety of pieces from the Repeated Patterns, Incidental and Vocal Music areas of study.




Choral music features strongly in the college’s extra-curricular activities, with three choirs who regularly rehearse and perform – Senior, Junior Boys’ and Junior Girls’. The choirs participate in school events and local music festivals, and sing Choral Evensong in Donaghadee Parish Church monthly. Last April the choirs were honoured to sing at the Ulster Teachers’ Union conference in Newcastle.




Dr S Timpany


Mr S Sinclar




Head of Department


Instrument Tutor

The music industry is  growing in the UK. Students with musical qualifications can find employment in teaching, publishing, media work, journalism and artist management. Two of the largest growth areas in recent years have been music technology and music therapy.

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