Our Safe-guarding Team

Mr Hutchinson - Principal

Mrs Harris - Pastoral VP

Designated Teacher

Mr Viner - Curriculum VP

Deputy Designated Teacher

Mr Copeland - Assistant Vice - Principal

Our Pastoral Care Team

Key Stage 3

Head of Year 8 - Miss McShane

Head of Year 9 - Mrs Hoey

Head of Year 10 - Mr Faloon

Key Stage 4

Head of Year 11 - Ms Thompson

Head of Year 12 - Mr Gray

Key Stage 5

Head of Year 13 and 14 - Mr Breen

The Student Voice

As a College that is committed to becoming a Rights Respecting School, the Student Voice is very important to us in Glastry College. The College's Student Council meets monthly to discuss current issues, plan future initiatives and fund-raising opportunities and to inform the whole college community about their work.

Student Counselling Service

Glastry College has one full-time counsellor from Family Works who attends the College on a weekly basis. Referral to this service can be made by students in the College, or by parents contacting their child's Group Tutor or Head of Year.