Staff Structure

Teaching Staff


Mr A Hutchinson 


Vice Principal

Mrs K Harris, Mr J Viner


Assistant Vice Principal

Mr L Copeland


Art Department 

Mr M Drury (Head of department)

Miss C Dickson


Business Studies 

Mrs P Connor 

Mrs J Gargan (Head of department)



Mrs P McGrugan (Head of department)


Child Development

Mrs L Brown 

Miss K McGreevy



Mr L Copeland

Mr L Bristow



Mrs R Forrester (Head of department)



Mrs A Colville

Miss N McKendry

Mrs L Menary

Mrs A Thompson*

Mrs A Todd (Head of department)



Dr L Brown (Head of Department)

Miss C Ireland

Mrs L Martin

Mrs R McIvor 

Mr J Viner 


Home Economics

Mrs A McCrossan

Mrs L Meaney (Head of department)



Mrs K Harris 

Mrs C Hoey* (Head of department)

Mrs C McShane*


Mr A Bailie (Head of department)

Mrs C Doran

Mr J Neill 

Miss M Woods

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs L Curran

Mrs L Spence


Motor Vehicle Studies

Mr A Faloon *



Dr S Timpany (Head of department)


Physical Education

Mr D Dougherty

Mrs R Patton


Religious Studies 

Mr A Reilly



Mrs J Baird

Mr K Debaddi (Head of department)

Mrs S Law

Mr A Owens



Mr I Breen* (Head of department)

Mr A Gray*


Head of Year *


College Governors

Secretary - (Principal) Mr AJH Hutchinson

Chairperson - Rev N Stewart

Teacher Representative – Dr S Timpany

Education Authority Representatives – Ms S Bell, Mrs C Kerr, Mrs D McCracken, Mr J Shannon, Mrs C Spence

Parent Representatives - Mr H McMaster, Mr J McClements


Support Staff

Administrative Team

Mrs K Dunbar

Mrs M Thompson

Mrs E Whiteside



Ms L St John


Classroom Assistants

Mrs C Cowan

Mrs J Donnan

Mrs H Kelly

Mrs C Long

Ms A Milligan

Mrs L Moore

Mrs L Rutherford

Mrs R Sachno

Mrs E Thompson



Mr C Ferguson 

Mr A Swift


Sixth Form Supervisors

Mrs E Finnegan

Miss V Warnock



Mr D Clint

Miss L McKee

Ms J Wickens

Heading 4

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