Year 8 Induction

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Principal's Welcome


I am delighted to welcome you to Glastry College. Starting a new school, may seem daunting, but for over 63 years we have been welcoming new students who have gone thrived. Although things may be slightly different from previous years, I know that during your time here, not only will you be an integral part of the Glastry Family, where you will be nurtured and supported by our staff, you will also have a wealth of opportunities to develop your skills, make new friends, learn new subjects and find out what you are truly capable of.

Alongside your personal Induction Pack, we have created this microsite to provide all the information you may need.  If you have further questions, I hope we will be able to answer those when you formally start with us.

Until then, I wish you a safe and enjoyable summer!

Mr AJ Hutchinson