Careers is a vital aspect of the educational provision at Glastry College. Specific careers education is timetabled in the overall Guidance programme for Years 10, 11 and 12, where pupils participate in lessons specifically designed for their needs in each of these years. Years 13 and 14 also receive guidance in connection with Higher Education courses, UCAS forms and future career choices.


In our careers room and two PC suites, extensive use is made of careers related materials such as: careers books, magazines, leaflets, videos, application forms, prospectus’, Odyssey, Pathfinder and Skillcheck computer programs and CD ROMs.


Our effective careers education and guidance programme is supported by:

  • A relevant curriculum

  • Work experience in Years 12, 13 and 14

  • Personal Career Planning process

  • Partnership with Careers Officer from local Careers Service

  • Mock interview, Business

  • Insight and Career PlanningDays

  • Visits to and from Careers Conventions, Further and Higher Education Institutions and potential employers


We are confident that our careers department fully supports the preparation of our pupils for life after school.

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