Glastry College School Fund

Dear Parent/Guardian

On behalf of the Board of Governors I would like to personally thank all parents and carers for the support you have shown, and continue to show, this college.  In turn, we are determined to provide your child(ren) with more than just classroom learning; we want to open their horizons to wider experiences which can only be achieved if we have the funds to do so.

So we can continue to reward our pupils and celebrate their achievements, we are ask for your support by helping us fund initiatives that encourage every one of our pupils, leaving them with positive memories of their time in College.  These donations are so important if we are to continue to reward our pupils’ many successes with celebration assemblies, merit awards and end of term team and achievement events.  The School Fund also allows us to run a wide array of extra-curricular clubs and activities which are open to all our pupils.  Unfortunately, none of these things can be funded using the college’s Department of Education funding so we need your parental support.

Whilst payment of the School Fund is entirely voluntary I do hope you see the value of contributing to ensure this college can continue to deliver the extra-curricular programmes and other important initiatives each and every pupil here will benefit from.

If you can contribute to the School Fund simply click on the ‘payments’ link on SchoolComms where you will see the ‘School Fund’ tab.

Should you wish to discuss an alternative payment plan or would like to contribute a different amount, I would encourage you to call the Finance Manager, Mrs Whiteside, who will be grateful for your call and more than happy to assist you.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Mr A J Hutchinson