Pupils in Year 13 and Year 14 can apply to join the Prefect Team. Under the leadership of the Head Boy, Head Girl and their Deputies, our Prefect Team take an active leadership role in college life, organising whole school events, providing valuable mentoring for younger students, organising fundraising events, hosting assemblies, and attending important college functions.

Students within Sixth Form can develop further leadership skills by applying for other positions of responsibility: Mental Health Ambassadors, Student Mentors, Bus Prefects and Numeracy and Literacy Buddies.

The Student Council

Our Student Council, led by our Head Boy and Head Girl, provides a forum to share and listen to the views, opinions, and ideas of our pupils on a range of whole school issues.

Representatives self-nominate and, aside from presenting ideas from students and ensuring they have an input into improving school life, they play a key role in shaping our new initiatives, college policies and taking college assemblies.

The Student Council enables our students to develop leadership skills, but also to ensure that the pupil voice is heard, listened to, and acted upon within the college.

Peer Mentoring

We know that younger students may welcome additional support during transition to their post primary school. At Glastry College, our Peer Mentoring Programme supports this, by encouraging our older students to be supportive to our new pupils, developing a caring community. Peer Mentors are selected from our Year 12 cohort with each Year 8 and Year 9 Form class being assigned a team of mentors. During registration time, they work alongside our junior pupils, listening to them and offering reassurance, helping them to develop their confidence, self-esteem, and communication skills.