Learning Support

In an all-ability college we recognise that some of our pupils will have Special Educational Needs.

These may include:

  • physical or medical problems
  • general or specific learning difficulties
  • emotional or behavioural problems

These needs may be identified on transfer by communication with the primary school or by testing during the early days in college.

Provision for those with an identified need is a priority across the college. Individual education programmes ensure a balanced curriculum can take account of personal or social needs. Pupils who need additional support will generally be taught in smaller class groups where progress is closely monitored and additional help available in the form of classroom assistants or withdrawal by specific teachers for small group teaching.

The aim of this provision is to:

  • identify as quickly as possible pupils with special needs so that their difficulties are addressed in a thorough and professional manner.
  • to provide a caring environment in which pupils can feel happy, confident and enjoy learning.
  • to ensure access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum so that each pupil may reach his or her full potential and thereby enhancing self-esteem.