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School Day

In Glastry College, we operate a two week timetable (fortnightly) timetable, with one hour lessons. You will meet with your Group Tutor each morning from 9.25am until 9.45am and will attend a whole school assembly once a week.  You will enjoy a 15 minutes mid-morning break and a 45 minute lunch break.


Moving to ‘Big School’ provides lots of new experiences.  This includes the opportunity to study different subjects.  In Year 8 you will get to study the following subjects:

  • Art and Design

  • Citizenship

  • Design and Technology

  • Drama

  • Employability

  • English

  • French

  • Geography

  • History 

  • Home Economics

  • ICT

  • Mathematics

  • Music

  • Personal Development

  • Physical Education

  • Religious Education

  • Science

  • Spanish (accelerated group)