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Pastoral Support

Moving to a new school is exciting but also nerve wrecking!  We believe that knowing our pupils well and building good relationships with them helps them feel valued, respected and encourages them to reach their full potential.  We have dedicated team of staff to deal with any concerns, queries, problems you have as your welfare is important to us.  

  • Pastoral Vice Principal – is in charge of pastoral care for the whole school and ensures that procedures are in place to keep pupils safe.

  • Head of Year – is responsible for Year 8, helping them settle in to their new school, monitoring their academic progress and supporting them with any problems they may have.


  • Group Tutors – are responsible for meeting their registration class each morning when they will check for any concerns or issues their class may have.  They will also support them with their progress across all subjects.


  • Perfects and Bus Prefects – are responsible for supporting pupils at break, lunch and on the school buses. 


  • Peer Mentors- are responsible for acting as ‘buddies’. 

  • School Counsellor – is responsible for providing one to one counselling support once requested.