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All employment is involved in a business and therefore transferable skills are developed to enable students to work in any organisation.  Some specific jobs that exist as part of studying Business Studies would be:

  • Human Resource Office

  • Financial Manager

  • Accountant

  • Operational Manager

  • Sales Executive

  • Marketing Team

  • Events Co-ordinator

  • Logistics and Distribution Manager










Business Studies


The aim of the Business Studies Department is to develop economic awareness, accountancy skills and keyboarding skills integrated with technology.


We offer GCSE Business Studies and GCE Applied Business. We strive to develop numeracy, literacy, discovery and information processing, and to equip pupils with the skills required for employment.



Business Studies is offered at GCSE and A Level to all students in Glastry College and equips them for the world of work and develops the skills of teamwork, entrepreneurship and financial capability.  Students are encouraged to develop a high level of business understanding and are able to identify from real world examples the issues that they have experienced in the classroom.




In completing CCEA GCSE Business Studies, students are required to complete three units


  • Unit 1 – Business Start up

  • Unit 2 – Business Development

  • Controlled Assessment


The topics that will be studied in Year 11 are as follows:


  • Business Start Up   How to set up a business and the various types of ownership

  • Production               How businesses produce goods and the Health & Safety

  • Marketing                How to advertise goods and find out what the customer wants


The topics that will be studied in Year 12 are as follows:


  • Managing People                       How businesses look after their employees and recruit them

  • Business Growth & Planning     How businesses are developed and planned

  • Finance                                     How businesses manage their finances and ensure they can                                                             pay their bills




In completing CCEA GCE Applied Business, students are required to complete six units


  • AS Unit 1   - The Enterprising Business

  • AS Unit 2   - The Enterprising Manager

  • AS Unit 3   - External Influences on Business Enterprise

  • A2 Unit 7   - Finance

  • A2 Unit 9   - Enterprise in Practice

  • A2 Unit 10 - Investors in People


The topics that will be studied in Year 13 are as follows:









The topics that will be studied in Year 14 are as follows: