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All employers seek staff that possess good literacy and communication skills.  However, professions where English is particularly important include: teaching, publishing, the media, administration, public relations, barrister, solicitor, author and librarian, to name just a few.

English & Drama


The English department’s main aim is to achieve the highest possible standards for all of our students.  The department’s motto is ‘literacy for life,’ and we believe that it is our job to equip our pupils not only with examination success, but also literacy skills to help them progress and achieve throughout their lives.  We aim to provide an effective learning environment for all of our pupils, which is both welcoming and stimulating and offers a diverse range of activities and experiences, including theatre visits, trips and guest speakers.  We pride ourselves in maintaining excellent relationships and strive to establish productive communication between home and school.  Importantly, we hope that students will enjoy their work in English, English Literature and Drama and develop a lifelong love of literature.  In the school’s General Inspection in January 2013 the department was graded as ‘very good.’



Throughout Key Stage 3 each class has six periods of English per fortnight.


  • Year 8 theme of study – ‘Me, Myself’

  • Year 9 theme of study – ‘Conflict’

  • Year 10 theme of study – ‘The Environment’


Each Key Stage 3 class visits the library once a fortnight.  Years 8-10 participate in the Accelerated Reading scheme in order to improve reading attainment.


All Key Stage 3 classes receive Drama within their timetable. In Year 8 this is one period per week and in Years 9-10 one period per fortnight.




All pupils in Key Stage 4 follow CCEA’s GCSE English Language syllabus outlined below:


  • Unit 1 exam (20%) – taken in Year 11

  • Unit 2 exam (20%) – taken in Year 12

  • Speaking and Listening (20%)

  • Controlled Assessment

    • Task 1 – Spoken Language (10%)  –  completed in Year 12

    • Task 2 – Written Language (15%)   –  completed in Year 11

    • Task 3 – Creative Writing (15%)     –   completed in Year 11



Pupils choosing CCEA’s English Literature at Key Stage 4 have four periods per fortnight.  The syllabus includes:


  • Unit 1 Exam – taken in Year 11 (Of Mice and Men)

  • Unit 2 Exam – taken in Year 12 (Blood Brothers and poetry)

  • Unit 3 Controlled Assessment – completed in Year 12




Pupils choosing CCEA’s GCSE Drama at Key Stage 4 have six periods per fortnight.  The syllabus includes:


  • Unit 1 Exam "Understanding Drama" – taken in Year 12

  • Unit 2 Drama performance – completed over the two years.




The library is open every lunch time for pupils to ‘escape’ with a good book and every year the department participates in the Northern Ireland Book Award. Public speaking competitions and creative writing competitions are entered regularly.   Our ever popular Drama Club and school productions offer students the chance to build self-confidence and make new friends.